Furtita: I look forward to serving the city and rocket in Houston
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According to Fox26's Mark Berman report, NBA sources said rocket owner Leslie - Alexander has reached an agreement with the Houston richman Tillman - Feltita, will sell the rocket to the latter The Subsequently, Feltita in his Twitter on the expression of the new boss on the rocket expectations. "I am honored to be part of the NBA, and I look forward to serving the city of Houston, so that the success of the rocket continues." "said Feltita, who wrote on Twitter. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, a well-known journalist in the NBA, the Rockets traded at $ 2.2 billion, setting a $ 2 billion record previously maintained by the Clippers. Howard forwards with a fake snake spoofing passers-by video: Actually I'm not afraid of snakes
Today, the Hornets player Dwight - Howard in Twitter pushed a passer to spoof the video, the video of the spoof who will be a fake python quietly on the passers-by side. Video: python spoof (length 56 seconds) & gt; & gt; Howard wrote: "You know I like snakes, ha ha ha. (Laughing expression) "Howard last season regular season play 29.7 minutes, can get 13.5 points 12.7 rebounds 1.23 blocks. Ben - McMurray Release photo: Grizzly bear model - Tigers NBA news
Today, the Grizzlies player - McMurray released a PS photo in the social media (see news map). "Grizzlies" mode. "wrote McClure. McMurray played in the 2016-17 season during the regular season played 61 games, averaging 19.3 minutes to play, get 8.1 points and 2.1 rebounds. Adam - Hong high 25 points, the Hungarian European Championship beat Romania
In the previous European Championship group match, Hungary beat 80-71 in Romania, their current record of 2 wins and 2 losses, while Romania was 0-4. Hungarian player Adam - Hong high game play 32 minutes, 19 shots in 8, get 25 points and six rebounds and two assists and one steal; David Vojvoda scored 26 points and four rebounds and four assists and one steal a block; Rosco Allen gets 10 points and five rebounds and one assists. Romanian side, Andrei Mandache played 37 minutes, 13 of 7 shots, got 24 points 2 rebounds and 1 assists and 2 steals; Catalin Baciu got 12 points 4 rebounds and 2 assists and one steal; Octavian Calota-Popa scored 11 points 3 A rebound of four assists and three steals. (visit our site gameusd.com to buy nba 2k18 mt coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

German media: Loew call Gerweisi, so that the initiation of the transfer Juventus wishes - Trade News-21tradenet.com, global trading platform
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According to the German media, "Sports Video" reported that Loew is a phone call, and ultimately indirectly led to the invasion of Gerweisi Juventus ideas. According to reports, in announcing the latest issue of the national team before the list, Loew had called He Weide Si, told him to defeat the new issue of the national team's big list of decisions, and told him that the coach for the players in the World Cup year performance Of the expectations, that is often able to play the game, and keep a good state, the only way he had the opportunity and the team to Russia. And it was in the Loew received the phone the next day, He Weide Si drove to Haider residence, with him for a half hour of dialogue, expressed his wish to leave the team, because the captain After the armband was deprived, he was worried that his position in the team was not stable. Eventually, all this contributed to his joining Juventus. Wolf bow executives: believe that Wolfsburg can rank the Bundesliga in the upper half
The last season, Wolfsburg poor performance, only ranked second in the Bundesliga, relegation by relegation success. And this season, Wolfburg can come back? The boss of the town of Leibe on the team's expectations is ranked first half can be. "We are very confident that we have the strength to rank in the top half of the Bundesliga after the end of the season." Our lineup is one of the youngest lineup of the Bundesliga, and we have completed the reorganization. Leibi Qi: choose No. 4, because friends Perici also love this number_World light industry
According to the Italian website fcinter1908 news, this summer from Florence to Frankfurt to play the Croatian striker Leibi Qi, revealed about their new season jersey number of interesting, and prompted him to choose striker not commonly used No. 4 jersey The reason turned out to be their friends, Inter striker Percy West also like this figure. I had wanted to choose No. 12. Last season in Frankfurt, wearing a 17th shirt Leibi said: But this number symbolizes the team's 12th member of the fans, has been occupied. Idle numbers are No. 4, No. 16 and No. 37. At this time I think of my good friend Ivan - Percy, he would like to 4 this number, so I also selected his most favorite figures in Inter. Leibi Qi said this is true, Percy West really like this figure, Inter Milan No. 4 jersey belongs to the legendary player Zanetti, this number has been retired in the Nerazzurri, so Perry West choose to wear 44 shirt in the Serie A ride on the stadium. German media: this summer there have been four teams to pursue Mueller, I do not consider the transfer of - China daily (Click gameusd.com to buy cheap fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

According to the "Sports Video" reported that this summer there have been four teams to pursue the Bayern star Muller, but the player himself did not transfer willingness. According to reports, Juventus, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal have been pursuing this Mueller, but the players can not imagine leaving Bayern, and Bayern can not let go captain level Mueller. The new season in Ancelotti men, Muller played is not very happy, but a return to the national team, he again took out the wonderful performance.