Personnel changes: deals and drafts, coaches and management

Since 11 years ago, general manager John - Schneider and coach Peter - Carroll into the sea Hawks, the Seahawks management has been very stable, two clear division of labor, a tube outside a tube, the partner has been very Tacit understanding. Darrell - Beverly in the Seahawks served as an eight-year offensive group coach, belonging to Carroll's confidant. Defensive team coach since last season after Dan - Quinn left Atlanta after the rise by the Chris - Richard served, although the defensive team in the field of a slight decline in the rule, Fortunately, Dan - Quinn's defensive philosophy retained The In the free market, the Seahawks and other teams are different, several large coffee firmly entrenched the team most of the salary space, each of their transactions have to plan carefully, so the team offseason signed most of the players Are the fame of the strength of the faction, the reaction is undoubtedly the largest Eddie - Lacey.

Seahawks need an experienced running back, and ultimately in Adrian - Peterson, Jamal - Charles and others among the selected from the Packers Eddie - Lacey. Seahawks and Eddie - Lacey signed a 5.55 million a year to stimulate the contract, which is gambling for both sides, but fortunately has been fat into the ball Lacey through continuous weight loss to prove that the Hawks did not see Wrong person Seahawth's idea is very pure, that is, he wanted to re-engraved the "beast" Lynch, but the details of Eddie - Lacey's professional career, often in the offensive front to play an excellent situation, his red ball rose, So the sea eagle is likely to be unable to meet this requirement, but his arrival is able to help young CJ Prosis and Thomas - Rawls rapid growth.

[32 days 32 teams] Seattle Seahawks: bombardment Corps and then punch the Super Bowl

Other transactions, the Cann-Chancellor smooth renewal of the Seahawks from the worries; signed last season for the efficiency of the Mustang veteran quarterback Austin - Davis, will be with Trevor - Boi Gold in the bench quarterback on the competition; renewal of the Bundesliga stability of the "fourth man" De Sean - Scheider; signed Luke - Wilson equivalent to Jimmy - Graham bought a insurance; from Raven to vote for Arthur - Brown has the strength to compete in the team line 3 lineline; Odah - Abu Xi is also a good pot will be. Most of the above contract is affordable, according to Fang Jian medicine, that is to use.

In the draft the Shanghai Eagle team holding six 2,3 round draft pick, the second round of selection of McDowell make up the weak inside; in the face of perennial scarcity offensive striker, chose Eli - Pocchi; Mu - Chelsea and Earl Thomas injury again and again, on the selection of Delano - Hill and Padre - Thompson as a rotation. Although the election is still mostly defensive group of players, but the ball Hawks on the core stability, they choose the future of the superstar and can bring the rotation of the players.

Headed star

Facts have (welcome to buy NFL 18 coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) proved that not all of the stars quarterback have asked the height of more than 6 feet 3 inches, the Seahawks No. 3 little man Russell - Wilson although short stature, but he by virtue of superior speed, flexibility and in the gap of the pass The ball smell to make up for their own shortcomings, since the debut in the Pitt - Carroll's west coast of the rapid growth system, while his arm strong and powerful, put the game seriously, these years slowly cultivate the leadership qualities of his " After the beast era "to become a sea eagle attack group of a brother. The last two seasons he contributed more than 4000 yards for the team, a total of 55 touchdowns only 19 times was copied enough to prove that he is the league's top quarterback level.

[32 days 32 teams] Seattle Seahawks: bombardment Corps and then punch the Super Bowl

La Sawyer (welcome to to buy cheap NFL 18 coins, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins) Wilson

After finishing the offensive group star, let's talk about the defense group. Yu Jia teacher has said that this is a world there are two kinds of people, a person love Richard - Sherman love Jiyu crazy, another person hate Richard - Sherman hate bone marrow The The black guy entered the league in 2011, the draft is only inconspicuous 154 overall, but in 2014 he was ranked in the top three stars, second only to Payton - Manning and Tom - Brady two kings. He is willing to volunteer for his teammates succeed, enough mouth, dare to question the tactics of Carol; his agile skill, a strong moment of explosive so that he can keep an eye on any outside. Although his state is now lower than the original, but you still can not deny that he is one of the league's top cornerback.

Offensive group

With the retreat of Marseille - Lynch, Russell Wilson grew rapidly to the center of the Hawks attack team, whose stable track Doug - Baldwin and Wilson have been in the league for five years, and recently for two consecutive seasons Thousands of yards, the state is getting better and better. His presence, but also helped the proximal Jimmy - Graham won more one-on-one to play a small, single-eat defensive player's chance to catch the ball last season is also close to thousands of yards. In addition to the above two, you can not forget Taylor - Rockett, this was in the measurement of 40 yards sprint ran 4 seconds 40 man Rockett seems to be born with the chemical reaction with Wilson, in the 2015 season to pass the four The score is high to 145.2, the league first, although the state of last season is poor, but you can not ignore his pair of tireless legs, running the second time to accelerate the ability, there are underestimated the ball feel. The new season if you can activate Taylor - Locke, the development of Paul - Richardson and others the potential, then the Seahawks catch the team's strength will skyrocket.

In Saturday's game, Gleesman first was given a yellow card for his diving, and then was sent off on the spot because he was complaining that the referee was given the second yellow. After the game, Gleeszman in the Twitter made three emoticons, two call gestures sandwiched an angry red face, suspected to question the injustice of the referee.

Interestingly, many Manchester United fans have been concerned about Graceman. Because in this summer, rumors Manchester United striker first signings is the 2016 European Cup gold boots, the Red Devils once also offer 8900 pounds to the Atletico Buy, and Graceman also kiss the matter. But later because (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) of Atletico did not escape the FIFA transfer ban, Gloucester decided to stay at Calderon Stadium.

This summer, Manchester United has introduced a series of Lindelov, Lukaku and matic, but from the hands of the ideal lineup Mourinho (Click here to buy fifa 18 coins xbox one,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) still there is a gap. More importantly, carrying the Red Devils tradition of No. 7 jersey, is still in the vacant, there are many fans still obsessed with Gleeszmann.

Red Devils fans have in the Lelezmann this push under the message: "Come on, Manchester United No. 7 jersey waiting for you", "Borg Barucca library waiting for you!", "Now too late!" But there are People are satisfied with Manchester United is now a strong offensive force: "You have missed the opportunity!"

From the British "The Times" news, in the pursuit of Kutiniao's deal, the Spanish giants Barcelona changed the strategy, in the third amount of 114 million pounds of the offer was rejected, but instead of informing Liverpool club officials, if the They change their ideas before Sunday to accept the offer, then the two sides have talk, otherwise, Barcelona will withdraw from the offer. 【】