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November 18, 1963 was conceived in Denmark Gleesacker district, the Danish football player, the goalkeeper.

Subside Schumacher has played for the Premiership mammoths Manchester United Football Club, in 1992 and 1993 was named "the world's best goalkeeper", in 1999 with the group won the Triple Crown Wang Weiying.

Schumacher is the Danish national group record holder, played 129 recreations and a ball into the record, of which 30 groups to lead the group as a group pioneer, in 1992 to help the Danish group won the European Cup, known as the "Danish tall tale" The

In April 2003, Peter Schmeichel reported his retirement.


August 27, 1977 was conceived in Brazil, St. Bernando De Campo, with Brazil, Portugal double nationality, previous Portuguese expert football player, player period office midfielder.

Deco in 2008 by the Spanish club Barcelona to change to Premier League Chelsea. August 2010 move to Brazilian Fulu Nisense Football Club.

Deco is a Brazilian player, the soonest in Brazil's household Sao Paulo club, in 2003 to (for more game information please visit here fifa 18 coins pc) get Portuguese nationality, when Brazilian Scolari instructed Portugal, he was chosen national group has been to numerous national colleagues restricted, however With Deco's exceptional execution in Porto and helped the group win the association (for more game information please visit here fifa 18 coins ps4) title and the Champions League title. Fans call it "super Deke".

Del Piero

November 9, 1974 was conceived in Italy Conegliano. One of the best stars in world football, everlastingly ruler sovereign. His adolescent popularity, has dependably been viewed as the successor of Robert Baggio, his national group profession high points and low points, play style and constancy character is additionally the most like Baggio. Particularly Pierre's late vocation demonstrated an astounding polished skill and great state, won the football group's acclaim.

Alessandro del Piero at 14 years old will enter the Padua group preparing for a long time, amid which was chosen for Italy less than 18 years old youth group. In 1993, the renowned mentor Trapatton called Juventus group, as the striker in the meantime can likewise be equipped midfielder position. Juventus has now gone into the 289 ball, Juventus history to end up plainly the principal striker. Won the World Cup in Germany in 2006.

Beijing time on August 31, 2012 evening, Sydney FC declared that Piero joined Sydney. In 2014 joined the Indian Football Super League Derrick Dinamo Football Club.


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1. In some distant range, the more representative is the 'princess', and this card shot up to 9 points, so whether it is used against some melee cards or in the distance of the output card can play very Good advantage, such as in the face of enemy barbarians and bomb soldiers and archers are able to use the advantages of a better beheaded.

2. Although the medium range of cards, although there is no long range range of cards have a greater advantage, but in the fight against some of the attack speed and slow speed of the melee card still has a good effect, such as the more common in the range of cards Musketeers / Lightning Master / Master / Archer, etc., among these cards used to fight against the enemy's Valkyrie and Knight have a good profit card effect.
3. In the war not only card has a better range, the rational use of the Princess Tower, then it is able to play a good advantage, such as the enemy hit the knight or the souls of us to consume, if the small skull on the bridge , Then the souls will be small skull to attract and thus dispersed, then we use the princess tower shot to kill.

【Attack ideas】
In 2v2 if you want to win, then it is certainly not attack, how to attack the enemy can not resist, so when they are more threatening, it is also a lot of 2v2 novice players do not understand, the general offensive attack 3 cards, 1. the main output, 2. front of the meat card, 3. auxiliary card, when a set of attack with these three cards, the idea of ??attack is more mature, the use of meat to protect Our main attack card, while supporting the card to let us have a better output or defense environment.
For example, when we use the stone, the stone is the positioning of the tank, if the rear with three musketeers, then the three guns is a powerful output, while using a number of magic cards to control and (welcome to our Clash Royale Gems site ) decrypt the card, such a wave It is more difficult to resist, and when their card group play more familiar with, will form a lot of their own offensive ideas and routines, to make their own card group more flexibility.

【to sum up】
In the 2v2 for the novice experience and card group is important, but in understanding some of the simple battle skills, and teammates will be more tacit understanding, and small partners who play 2v2 want to win will be more Easy.

The above is the royal war novice 2v2 Battle skills to learn more quickly 2v2 Battle of the whole Raiders, we hope to help, more relevant information concerned about the 18183 royal war zone.
Then the front iceman + night witch + siege hammer to play a strong push tower combination, if the opponent does not have a good card or cost, then it is difficult to resist a strong wave of assault.

The second point is that we use some card defense after the tower with the ice front to play a quick surprise counterattack to consume.

The third point of the offensive ideas is the use of healing spells to surprise, when the enemy to use a small card led to our dark witch or dead souls, the preparation of the use of the Princess tower to lift the words, then the sudden treatment can make the enemy very hard to prevent, Thus playing a strong surprise attack.

Card group in the defense of (for more info about the idea is more flexible, mainly the use of dark witch and goddess of war against some high blood card, knights and ice people with high blood with the Princess Tower can beheaded a lot of blood in a single card.

[Tribal Seminar] What should the night world do after 5?
4, other
[Tribal Seminar] What should the night world do after 5?
[Tribal Seminar] What should the night world do after 5?
Ladies and gentlemen, do you think to upgrade the world after the world 5, what should first rise? Or directly save the gold coins to upgrade to six?
Clash of clan 5 anniversary time limit arms: barbarian siege hammer! Crazy hit
Clash of clan 5 anniversary time limit arms: barbarian siege hammer! Crazy collision in the anniversary of the limited time activities, only 7 days time can be used Oh, hurry to create a barbarian barracks crazy hit it!
On August 4, 2017, at 15 o'clock in the afternoon, opened a limited time activities: barbarian siege hammer, limited to 7 days!
And in the online model using 4 barbarians to win the stadium to win 10 games, can get 500 experience and 250 gems.

Barbarian siege hammer only 250 holy water can be made soldiers, can not study the upgrade, the arms level has been fixed.
Clash of clan official news: tribal war match optimization is under development

Clash of clan official issued a message in the familiar tribal war rules will be optimized, more to reflect the "masters base" matching characteristics, after the Clash of clan encountered tribal war more equitable Oh!
Clash of clan official news: tribal war match optimization is under development
As we said before, tribal warfare match one of the most important goals is to ensure that each tribe can match the opponent evenly matched. We have made several changes and updates to the tribal match-and-match algorithm in order to provide the player with a pleasant battle experience and to avoid a significant advantage in the matching of a tribe, but we also understand that we want to achieve this goal , We need to do a lot more.
Now, we want to share with you the good news: We are currently optimizing the matching algorithm to address the matching "matching baby" problem. The new matching mechanism will be more consider the tribal side of the "overall strength", that is, considering the tribal offensive strength and defense strength. This means that the system will match the village to form a rival that is more similar to your tribe.
Design matching system is a difficult point, let the players in the village design and play can still play their own creativity. We want to make sure that your game strategy will not be so abandoned, and can match to the evenly matched, the gameplay is similar to the opponent; to match the algorithm to optimize the algorithm is an important step we have to do is to ensure that each tribe are Can have more opportunities to match the opponent and tribal rivalry. In addition, the new (welcome to our clash of clans gems sale site ) matching mechanism also has a certain degree of flexibility, so that when necessary, we can also fine-tune the matching value. And we can better control the matching mechanism, when we think that a match value is too high or not high enough, we can make appropriate adjustments.
We are still constantly improve the tribal match the matching mechanism of the algorithm, I believe the new matching system will not be able to fit into the game! But now we want to ensure that all can understand the optimization of the matching mechanism, but also want to let everyone know that we and you attach importance to tribal warfare, but also hope that the tribal war can bring you a pleasant experience.
Clash of clan Frozen spell activity configuration spell to enjoy 1% discount
Clash of clan frozen spells, the configuration of frozen spells can enjoy a discount, the configuration of the holy water only need one-tenth of the original, like the use of frozen spells Clash of clan leaders quickly configured, limited time in the moment.
Frozen spell activity
Activity Description: Frozen spell can be configured to enjoy a discount! The original level 1 frozen need 23,000 holy water, now only need 2300 holy water!
[Tribal seminar] tribal unsolved puzzle what?
The leaders of the Clash of clan, everyone good, tribal seminar began again, the last three silly nightclub world story, it seems not a lot of leaders agree Oh, the three silly for his three silly!
Seminar: [Tribal Seminar] Which night should (welcome to our Clash Of Clans Gems site ) the world's top priority upgrade?
After collecting and finishing, found before the three silly fat man, barbarians and archers have two on the list, should give priority to upgrade the top few are: dragon baby, hidden archers, giant boxer, night witch, war machine.
Sure enough, we still tend to take the air flow later, the choice of archers is also fancy archers can be secret, better steal building hit percentage.
Above is just Mr. You integrated the views of everyone, the specific or not so upgrade, it will be a matter of opinion, and not easy to upgrade the useles
s ah is not it? The
Return to the orthodox, tribal village development has been five years, the fifth anniversary celebration is coming soon.

French media: Monaco refused to sell Le Mare, asking for 100 million euros
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According to the French media GFFN reported that Monaco still refused to sell Le Mare to Liverpool. Liverpool in this week to le mall launched onslaught, they for the midfield out of a offer of 80 million euros. But after a day of negotiations, Monaco's current position is firm and rejects. Reported that the French team is willing to 100 million euros to sell Le Malle, but Liverpool out of the offer from this figure there is a certain distance. Fosbury: they sold Keita, if you want to sell me no problem - Question and Answer on Alibaba Welcome to, Join Free | Sign In Ask It!
Van Bibi's former player, Fosbury, is working with the Swedish national team to prepare for the World Cup, and he is chatting about the move in the Swedish media interview: they sold the tower, if they were But also to sell me, I see there is no problem. I did not try to move, I entrusted these things to the broker. I have a good conversation with the club, they also know what I want. Now I focus on this season, I want to pay the full, for Leipzig in the Bundesliga and Champions League efforts. Because previously praised Milan, Fosbury in this summer was also linked with AC Milan, but he explained: I only answered a reporter's question. You asked me Bayern I was the same answer. Milan is one of the world's greatest clubs, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United are. Fosbury in the last season with eight goals and 22 assists to help the newly promoted Leipzig to get the Bundesliga runner-up. Italian media forward: Manchester City striker Boni is willing to join Verona
Italian media reported that Manchester City striker Boni will be in the form of rent to join Verona. There have been news that Boni may join Swansea this summer, Swansea hope to introduce Boni to replace the Lloyd may leave the team. And the Italian sky sports news that Serie A newly promoted Verona also intends to introduce Boni. It is reported that Boni's agent appeared in Milan, he and Verona may discuss the transfer of Boni. The media said Verona hopes to lease the form of signing Boni, the 28-year-old striker also accepted the decision to join Verona. Last season in Stoke City leased 10 games, Boni scored only 2 goals. Western media: Barcelona and Arsenal have considered the exchange of Turan and Ozil
According to the "World Sports Daily" news, Barcelona and Arsenal had plans to Turan and Ozil swap owner. This summer, (Click to buy fifa 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
the British media has heard Arsenal have the intention of the news, it is reported that the transfer fee is set at 25 million or so, but Barcelona has never really received a specific offer. But after a few weeks the two sides talked about the possibility of Turan and Ozil swap owner. Ozil's contract ended in 2018, he was not comfortable at Arsenal this summer, and he did not renew the club, so there is news that he may seek to move. And Turan is no longer within the plan of the city of Valverde, the club intends to find his next home. There have been news that Monaco intends to be the Turkish midfielder, the French or will be his next stop. But Turan did not want to pay off to other clubs, so if he stayed in Barcelona he would not mind, although he may face no ball can play the situation.